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Public Education: According to the PDSZ, the Home Office canceled an American conference rather than having to take it with them

Public Education: According to the PDSZ, the Home Office canceled an American conference rather than having to take it with them

According to the union, they have officially indicated their duties and travel expenses.

Only the Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ) delegated a representative from Hungary to the 2023 International Summit of the Teaching Profession (ISTP) held in Washington in April, He writes on his website the Union. According to their claim, Hungary was also invited by the organizer, the United States, and a joint delegation of government and interest representatives was invited. This was accepted by the Hungarian State Secretariat for Education, but they answered the PDSZ’s inquiry: they had already completed the potential four with the larger trade union representative, Pedagogusok Szakszervezete (PSZ).

Based on their memories, they did not agree to this. “When it became clear that the Secretary of State would not be able to travel to the summit without a representative of the PDSZ region, he declined the invitation in an official letter,” the PDSZ website reads. Accordingly, the Minister of State for Public Education, Zoltán Marussa, indicated the costs and duties of the trip. about the event in the current situation Hungary is not actually among the participating countries.

The twist in the story is that, according to their report, the US Department of Education, the participating organizer, has invited PDSZ to the event as an observer.

They participated in it, but they were not allowed to comment on topics during the plenary session, for example. We contacted the Home Office press department to find out how they recall what happened, and we’ll let you know as soon as they respond. As we asked the PSZ, Zsuzsa Szabó, the head of the organization, wrote that “the PSZ president did not participate in the education summit held in Washington at the end of April because of the discussions on the status bill, as well as the preparation for the national renewal of the union due every five years.”

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He adds: In addition, PSZ national leaders also visit the provinces and inform education workers of the consequences of the change in legal status. Thus, according to his answer, “due to the increasing number of tasks, the head of the PSZ could not have left even if a government delegation had taken part in the congress.” According to the PDSZ description, the international problem of teacher shortages and the impact of digital development were also discussed at the conference, where teacher Jill Biden was the guest of honor. “Education is still what brings societies together,” advocates for the World Education Organization’s research say.

to update: The Ministry of Interior also answered our question and its version is completely different from what has been said so far. According to them, “the aforementioned registration of the Democratic Union of Teachers and the facts known to the Ministry of Interior have nothing to do with each other.” As they write, the invitation from the US Department of Education and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development to participate in the 2023 International Teacher Summit was a self-paid and somewhat expensive trip and accommodation for a delegation. out of four.

“The delegation of four could have consisted of two government representatives working for the State Secretariat for Public Education and key trade union delegates, but a disagreement arose between the PSZ and the PDSZ over the trade union delegates. The Secretary of State for Public Education demanded that the Democratic Union of Teachers and the teachers’ union reach an agreement so that The disagreement between them does not hinder their departure. he wrote EdolinIn a reply sent to BM.

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According to their announcement, there were only two reasons why the ministry finally decided not to send participants to the conference. On the one hand, the cost of the trip and the five-day stay of government officials was several million forints, and the Ministry of Finance did not want to pay this amount for economic reasons. On the other hand, the employees of the State Secretariat for Public Education are now undertaking great tasks in developing the new vocational law for teachers, in professional advice and in preparing the planned large increase in teachers’ salaries,” the ministry’s response stated.

The actor regretted it

As we wrote about it, Tamas Schiri, a member of the local government of Fidesz in Hódmezővásárhely – also a teacher himself – writes in a comment debate to another teacher, Szabina Kovács, that he hopes “at least the case law is very useful for people like you to hide from the square “. Cseri now popular word He said he really regrets what he wrote.

“It was a mistake to enter into a give-and-take. I didn’t even think that Zabina Kovacs would transcribe the conversation as a private person and publish it in the press, ”the politician told the newspaper. According to him, Kovacs’ regular use of the word “fidkány”—presumably composed of the words Fidesz and rat—gained attention. However, the teacher who argued with him – who is also a representative of the district of PSZ – does not consider this word obscene, he claims that it is just a “mosaic word”, and said that “who associates it with anything, even a mouse, I have nothing to do with it.” In addition, he defended himself by saying that Fidesz was insulting their political opponents.

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