Parliament could impose one of the highest tax burdens in UK history

Public donations will start so everyone can vote

An organization founded by Hungarians in England has begun raising funds so that those living abroad can vote in the Hungarian elections in April.

The index On Monday I wrote that Diaspora Aid, an NGO founded by Hungarians in England, started fundraising on Sunday evening. The goal is to move Hungarians abroad from major cities in England to places where they can vote. According to Diaspora Aid, the National Electoral Office “did not ensure smooth and unhindered voting, despite the strong demand of English civilians”, even in areas where there were a measurable number of Hungarians. If sufficient funds were raised, those who wanted to vote would be taken to foreign missions by bus or “other alternative mode of transport” from the major cities inhabited by Hungarians.

In the United Kingdom, Hungarians can vote only in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. Hungarians who work abroad but reside in Hungary cannot vote by mail, but can only vote at foreign missions. In contrast, Hungarians across the border can vote by mail (although they can only vote on the list).

According to Crowdfunder, they had already raised £1,201 by Monday morning. Organizers want to raise a total of £30,000 by 6 March.

(Featured photo illustration. London, 2019. Photo: Isabel Enfants/AFP)

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