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Psychological aspects also play a role in choosing the goalkeeper for the women’s handball team

Psychological aspects also play a role in choosing the goalkeeper for the women’s handball team

Petr Tatay does not change goalkeepers at the Women’s World Handball Championship

“I would like to form a core of goalkeepers so that it is clear who will defend and who can have a bigger role. There must be someone who will be a fixed point in goal.” – He declared for the national team 90 times as a player My door M4 Sport on Thursday 40×20 On his podcast.

He added that it is not possible to provide the same stable performance continuously for six or seven matches, so we need an additional goalkeeper number two who can play as much, but he would like it to be clearer who is the starting goalkeeper, who is the starting goalkeeper and who is the starting goalkeeper. ? Who is in second place in the national team.

“You have to look at the psychological aspect as well: in a global tournament, it is not necessarily good to constantly change goalkeepers, as you need stability between the defenders and the goalkeeper.” – explained Tatay, who is also Alba Vihervar KC’s goalkeeping coach.

As he explained, many national teams do not change goalkeepers for a global tournament, even if the two players appointed to the position are not defending well.

“There’s also a psychological aspect to it: if I replace the goalkeeper I voted for in the first game, but things go poorly, and then he ends up in the stands, will I replace him in the third game?” – explained the coach.

Janorek Kinga at the Tokyo Olympics

Photo: Agence France-Presse

“There are enough games until the World Cup, and everyone will get a decent opportunity, and it depends on how well the girls exploit it. I am confident that we can create a classification based on which we can decide who will start.” A goal keeper” – Announce.

Vladimir Golovin The captain of the national team said: Salaf Tatay, Norbert Duliba He pointed out that due to “domestic matters,” he does not want to continue working and will not be able to help the national team in the future. When looking for a new goalkeeping coach, it was important that he was young and ambitious.

“I spoke with Peter, who outlined very good ideas. After that, I also discussed with the other members of the professional staff, and we chose him. I’m very happy that he agreed, and I’m really looking forward to working together.” Golovin said.

He revealed that the injured Janorek Kinga is expected to recover by the World Cup finals next December, as the players will miss four to six weeks if a cartilage surgery is performed.

“I know him and I know he will do everything to get back on the field as soon as possible.” he added.

“I think they are doing tremendously, and it will be good to help them improve, as we have to qualify for the Olympics.” – He said.


Melinda Sikora

Image: MTI

In the World Cup finals, which will be held from November 29 to December 17, the Hungarian national team will meet Paraguay, Cameroon and Montenegro in the group stage in Helsingborg, Sweden. The top three places will go to the group stage, where the Hungarians can play with three teams from Sweden, Croatia, China and Senegal.

Until then, the team will host Norway in Debrecen next Wednesday in the European Cup competitions, and will also visit Austria on Sunday. Germany will play a friendly match on November 5, and the Netherlands in the last weekend of November.

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