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PS5 Pro specifications have leaked, and this could be the innovation

PS5 Pro specifications have leaked, and this could be the innovation

The specifications of the PS5 Pro have been leaked, and although there are promising innovations, according to analysts, compared to the previous hardware, this CPU may not be the real deal.

2023.10.17 – PlayStation 5 sales are going well, perhaps better than Sony initially hoped, but the company is now already owed the release of the PS5 Pro series. Of course, the new generation product will be updated with Slims, but there is reason to expect much better image quality than the more expensive console. According to the leak, it is

Not sure if it will come together.

Tom’s guide from RedGamingTech For your information Referring to he thinksBased on the leaked specifications, we weren’t expecting this console. While we were expecting improvements in terms of graphics and ray tracing, the site discovered some problem spots that suggest the PS5 Pro won’t be “professional” at all. According to new information, we are getting a nice GPU upgrade, but unfortunately it comes with an “old” CPU. Well, the clock speed will be higher, but in reality the PS5 Pro will have the same type as the previous devices, and will have the same octa-core.

Unsatisfied with the Zen 2 benchmark, Tom’s Guide points out that the CPU, which looks outdated compared to consoles designed for the long run, won’t be able to pump the maximum out of the powerful graphics card. Almost a twofold improvement can be achieved with a GPU (if it sticks), but it will only achieve its inherent maximum with Zen 4, for example.

It appears to be a much lower speed boost (4.0GHz instead of 3.5) in the CPU realm, that the PS5 Pro is truly able to boost the full potential of the AMD Radeon RDNA 3.

Here’s the problem with the specifications

Since the development of any device must take into account that each component creates the best possible balance in the final product, it would be nice if other specifications of the PS5 Pro (which have not yet been leaked) tip the balance. Because this way it may not be convincing. Let’s add: the specifications written above have not been officially confirmed by anyone from Sony. So it’s possible that the console will arrive in a different configuration, perhaps with a newer CPU. However, one thing seems certain: if the specifications remain the same, the power of the device’s GPU will not be exploited.

The image is illustrative and represents only a concept (via Concept Creator)

However, it is important to note that last year American video game designer Mark Evan Cerny registered one on behalf of Sony Patented For the new Ray Tracing Unit (RTU). At the heart of the PS5 Pro, it will be able to run calculations to render more realistic surfaces in 3D gaming environments. Meanwhile, the GPU will handle other details in the background, so even independent elements of a seemingly unbalanced system can work successfully to achieve the common goal. We hope so, because the Zen 2 build doesn’t yet show that the console can push the frame rate to the maximum we’ve come to expect from the PS5 Pro.

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After that, you don’t know how much storage space you’ll have, so some PS5-specific tips might be useful to you:

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