Vízhűtéses PC-ként még jobban mutat a PS3 és az Xbox One kép

PS3 and Xbox One look better than water-cooled PC

The Redditor puts Sony and Microsoft consoles through a quality test.

It’s always nice to see a PC builder who steps away from the off-the-shelf boxes and packs their hardware into a unique case. That’s why we recently reported about this issue, From a computer stuffed into a microwave ovenand previously Reincarnated as an Xbox 360 gaming PC We can give news.

The latter, i.e. the category of PC-based consoles, is being expanded by two new innovations by a Reddit user, the Xbox One S and PlayStation 3.

The Draelren Packaged hybrids landed with 16GB of 3600MHz memory.

What they do agree, however, is that they both have 1TB of NVMe SSD storage, which is a huge improvement over the good old hard drive. Of course, these specs are far from top notch, and a dedicated GPU is also missing from the hardware, but judging by the images above, the main point of this project was more aesthetically pleasing, which we rate as 10/10 .

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