We also have what will be a PS Plus game in August

PS Plus September offer leaked

This week, we finally got to announce the September sale of Xbox games with Gold, so Xboxers can now prepare for the best-of-the-best games that will make their mark in early fall. Sony hasn’t revealed the PlayStation Plus lineup yet, but as hasn’t happened recently, the list has been leaked. Based on that, we got a couple of exciting titles in September.

a Dilab News has surfaced on a portal called PS Plus that we have a September dose of PS Plus and it’s there Overcooked! All you can eat, a hitman 2 and the Predator: hunting grounds are included. According to the report, the cooperative mode cooking skill game will only be available for the PlayStation 5, and Hitman 2 and Predator will also be available for the PlayStation 4. Of course, this is unofficial information, so we treat it with reservations, but in the original post we read that the moderation rules for this The social site is very strict, so obviously fake posts will be deleted immediately. However, in this case, the moderators allegedly approved the post because they verified the source. So we’ll probably count on these games on the official broadcaster as well.

Hitman 2 was released in 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and in this assassination simulator we were able to complete our missions on huge tracks, with great freedom, IO Interactive has provided us with a lot of new content and objectives beyond the main scope. the story. , with track differences, so it’s worth crossing out. Overcooked for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2016, Nintendo Switch in 2017, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2020! It is also a good little game, perfect for couples, friends, if they want to fight well about not getting rid of stale tomatoes or sausages on time, because we have to fulfill orders on time, that is, to collect some great food in more and more harsh conditions.

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The predator is a cuckoo egg in the sense that this asymmetric multiplayer wasn’t very good, which we also found very poor. Anyway, the Hunting Grounds 2020 title has been released for both PlayStation 4 and PC, giving it a playing field: a familiar jungle from the first movie where mercenaries and their hog are raging. The great advantage of the latter over superiority is his superhuman strength and invisibility, and the former can manage his numerical superiority and good tactics.

According to the leak, all three games will be available from September 7 to October 5 with a PlayStation Plus subscription. For a while, of course, even members of the August Gathering could get slapped. The relevant news is that in the future, the animation will also be offered to Plus members on a monthly basis.

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