Proud Mary Is One Bad Cookie

Thank you, Taraji P. Henson! Her role as Proud Mary is a great example for black girls around the world. We finally get to see someone like us kicking butt, being the hero, and executive producing the movie. Proud Mary reminded me of a female Shaft with her different wigs, leather boots and trench coat. As Taraji puts it a “black Laura Croft.”

This movie has something for everyone with the action and romance to family love. It starts out with Mary doing a job as a hitwoman for a major crime family then stumbling upon a young boy after murdering his father. After feeling some guilt, she watches over the boy until he needs her help. On Good Morning America, Ms. Henson says she is “really proud of this movie because we haven’t seen an African-American woman starring in a role like this. We’ve seen badass sidekicks but not the star of the show, headlining.”

Her young co-star Jahi Winston deserves an award because his acting during those emotional scenes had everyone in the theater with tears in their eyes. I believe Jahi and Taraji showed that a woman can take care of her family and be a bad ass at work all at the same time. “We had the best chemistry. He reminded me so much of my own son at that age, I mean that’s how we hit it off and he’s just good. That kid is going to do something. He’s going to be big in this town, y’all. Get used to saying his name,” said Henson.
Watch the Proud Mary Trailer below

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