Protesters clashed in front of Netflix headquarters over a show dubbed 'Transphobia'

Protesters clashed in front of Netflix headquarters over a show dubbed ‘Transphobia’

dave chapelle new movie, final chapter It sparked a growing storm, with humorous sympathizers and protesters speaking at headquarters.

Netflix scandal continues to swell Dave Chappelle Hundreds of the broadcast service provider’s employees marched in front of the company’s building in Los Angeles, but there also appeared to be a counter-camp standing next to Chappelle, he wrote. diversity.

Protesters against the comedian took to the streets carrying signs that read “Trans Lives Matter” and “Transphobia is no joke,” but Chappelle supporters have also demanded freedom of speech. According to the newspaper, the two groups entered into a clash, and the mood was completely liberated: for example, the banner was twisted and torn from the hands of a demonstrator near Chapelle. According to eyewitnesses interviewed by the newspaper, the man began swinging a pistol that he eventually did not use.

The new offer standup for service provider, and David Chappelle: The Final Chapter, Which immediately angered many with his hateful, animated and homophobic comments, as well as his aggressive portrayal of the LGBTQ community and the #MeeToo movement. Among them was a transgender software development engineer at Netflix, Terra FieldWho also expressed his indignation. thus diversity According to Field, they were fired, as were two other employees. The scandal got worse because of that Ted Sarandos, the Netflix co-CEO spoke in favor of Chappelle: He acknowledged that the show was divisive, but he didn’t go that far, because in no way would Netflix provoke hate speech. later a Hollywood Reporternic He admitted that he did not communicate well about the case, but continued to defend Chappelle and his program.

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