Project Sophia: Razer dreamed a huge dream

Project Sophia: Razer dreamed a huge dream

We’ve seen compact desktops before, but not like Project Sofia, which has 13 separate modules.

When we think of a desktop computer, the usual assortment jumps into a monitor, housing, keyboard, mouse, or even some other peripheral. Well, if we had a similar vision to Sophia’s project, we would be wrong. That’s because Razer’s idea is to rely on the unusual integrated desktop computer, but not in the usual way. As the world’s first modular gaming table concept Announce Razer, which can support up to 13 separate units. This means that each session can be configured with different task-specific components, such as secondary displays, system management tools, touch keyboard shortcuts, tablets, audio mixers, or even external capture cards.

At the heart of the modular office is a dedicated PCB board with the latest core hardware components such as the latest Intel processor and NVIDIA GPU. To maximize desktop space, everything is housed in a thin frame that magnetically snaps under the glass table top, meaning installing new enhancements isn’t a complicated process. This desk is also lined with LEDs synchronized with the Razer Chroma RGB ecosystem, and when paired with a next-generation OLED display, users get the perfect 65-inch display.

According to Richard Hashem, Razer’s Vice President of Growth, Project Sophia is its vision for a multipurpose gaming and workstation suite that meets the different needs of different PC applications and eliminates the need to move between workspaces. The hot-swappable modular system allows users to quickly and almost unlimitedly adapt their desks, so Project Sophia can be customized not only for the task at hand, but also for specific user preferences.

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