Project Buramato: Indonesian game development is also not described [VIDEO]

Games are not only made in Japan and China in the Far East, and Ozisoft in Indonesia is a prime example of this. buramato project The project, which, moreover, based on the folk tales of Borneo, will present something completely unusual to date.

The Ozesoft Its gameplay is high fantasy (this term does not cover mostly that the story takes place in the real world, but in a secondary fantasy world with significantly different habits than real life…) It will be a 3D adventure game that seems completely strange at first, but by Watching the video below, you can quickly adjust the Buramato project. Of course, the studio did something else behind it: it was their previous game steam Found in psychological horror, Pulang Insanity will have. (And from this, following the overly fashionable trend these days, the director’s release, i.e. director katout It can be seen at the Gabe Newell Digital Store.)

According to Ozysoft, the game will be with a fast-paced exterior, with storytelling playing a minimal role, as the focus in Project Buramato is on the atmosphere. Mysterious creatures can also be put on shoulders in a shooting game centered around magic. (No laughing: we got exactly the same thing from the first half of the movie adaptation of the Harry Potter VII book ten years ago…) The Ancient Knights region can be explored in a partially open world environment.

It’s hard to say yet for Project Buramat that it will be successful, but for interested gamers, an alpha beta prototype will be released during the last quarter of the year (October-December), likely for PC only. The full game is slated to release at the end of 2022, and here it will be interesting to see how Ozysoft puts it together PlayStation 5And Xbox SeriesAnd ComputerAnd Playstation 4And Xbox OneAnd Nintendo Switch versions!

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Even the game’s title isn’t final, so chances are that by the end of next year Project Buramato will have a completely different name, but we can say about Ozysoft’s idea that it was a hit on first impression, but the Pudding tester will tell Jenshin Impact.

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