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Production of 7 new Hungarian films could begin

Production of 7 new Hungarian films could begin

The National Film Institute is supporting the production of five documentaries and two animation series, including animated sci-fi for teens, a continuation of Urban Legends and a series about Cormorant (non-food).

A legendary Cormorant set that captures the history and age of the Go Continue Tomorrow documentary. The NFI jury voted on a 30 million HUF grant to produce a work directed by Kossuth Award-winning musician and founding member Gergeli Kultay.

Cinematographer and director Arthur Balint, known for his cutting edge paintings, can shoot a movie about the rise and fall of the mining town of Transylvania. The documentary “Synthetic City” received a grant of 9.8 million HUF.

Attila Zsigmund can tell the story of the restoration of a castle in southern Transylvania in his documentary titled Worn Stones with NFI support for Ft7.7 million. In addressing the adventurous life of the owner of the castle, the artist also gives a picture of the current situation.

Karoly Eberges tells of a scholar’s journey with famous ecclesiastical men in a work entitled The Heart Is Used to Silence. Educational film series directed by Levente Törcsi and Levente Kovács with support from the NFI in the amount of HUF 13.8 million.

Zengő’s arrow gives insight into the everyday life of equestrian archery, which moves on the frontiers of sport, culture and science, through the cognitive subjective life of one of the genre’s leading representatives, Attila Kiss, and the association working around him. The documentary, backed by 6.86 million HUF, could be made by Rika Fay.

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The second season of Katalin Glaser’s animated series Urban Legends, which won the Hungarian Motion Picture Award, can be achieved with a grant of HUF 31.5 million. The second part of the animated series also deals with oral legends.

The continuation of the animated sci-fi series for teens, Budapest Spaceport, received a boost of HUF 19.6 million. The work, written by Agnes Mezzoli and directed by Szilard Balint, is about a young girl who trains as astronauts against her father’s will. During Berta’s adventures, she makes new friends: she also meets humans, but also self-aware robots.

Since January 2020, NFI has been providing support to the television and broadcasting businesses on a competitive basis.

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