Problems applying the covid vaccination

Problems applying the covid vaccination

Single European is also available in Hungary covid idWhich can be downloaded as an app ESC (Electronic Health Services District) Retail Portal. This document contains, in addition to personal information, the type of vaccine and the date(s) of vaccination or information about the coronavirus test/recovery. It also contains a readable QR code that basically authenticates the entire document – remember telex.

The only problem is that it doesn’t work: a week after it was introduced, there are still serious issues with the card’s authentication and usability at home. This is because Hungarian and foreign coronavirus apps cannot always read the QR code in the document, which can cause inconvenience during the flight. The Hungarian app is not able to display whether someone is infected or had a negative test, although the protection certificate is also valid in these cases. An app called EESZT Covid Control, which can read a QR code, works where it doesn’t. According to a test by the portal, the same code was read by the same phone on Tuesday evening, and it actually sent an error message on Wednesday.

Photo: Márton Neményi

In the line of government customers, they said “No updates have been made yet”, which means they should not try to read the EU security certificate. However, these days, a service is launched (unknown, as part of the application or separately) to retrieve the EU certificate in digital and printable form.

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