Pro-China candidates won all positions in Hong Kong elections

Pro-China candidates won all positions in Hong Kong elections

Only 30.2 percent of those eligible to vote went to the polls on Sunday in Hong Kong’s first legislative elections, which were already held under the new electoral system. The negative index so far has reached 43.6 percent.

In all districts, the pro-China candidate won, as the opposition candidates did not even run.

After protests two years ago, opposition leaders were jailed or emigrated, and other pro-democracy candidates were expelled.

Hong Kong Prime Minister Carrie Lam said the elections are important for “patriots” to govern Hong Kong. “The introduction of the new electoral system was necessary because of order and good governance, and because anti-China forces entered the political system, which led to chaos in the Legislative Council,” Lam said.

Pro-China candidates celebrate after the election

Photo: EyePress via AFP

Under the new election law passed in March, the Hong Kong legislature was expanded from 70 to 90 members, of whom 40 will be members of the Beijing Electoral Commission, and instead of the previous 35, only 20 will be directly elected.

As a result of the 2019 protests, China has also passed a new national security law that will severely punish those accused of sabotage, organizing separatist attempts, and collusion with foreign forces. (CNN)

Written by our intern publication, Mark Peter Bennex.

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