Principle Sexually Harassed Students For Decades at Cristo Rey Newark High School in Jersey, Students Seek Justice

One of our followers reached out to us, who attended this school and all he wants is justice, someone to take accountability and to try and protect future students. The following footage has been exclusively obtained by The Daily News. The footage you’re about to see is from the class containing students who note that Gebbia knowingly made advances towards some of them. This is their story.

The Daily News has obtained a number of damning pieces of evidence in the reported case against a Roman Catholic private school in Newark. On Saturday, anonymous sources sent a file containing a lawsuit docket naming the Cristo Rey Newark High School as the defendant reportedly in a case surrounding the claim that the school’s principal is a serial predator.

Documents obtained show that the man has been identified as Gregory “Father” Gebbia has been accused of racial discrimination; sexual assault, sexual harassment, and unwanted advances. The allegations reportedly come from both students and faculty at Cristo Rey.

This predator has been allowed to hurt hundreds of children for years and we need to see something done. These students deserved to be protected and since we failed them, they now deserve justice.


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