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Princess Katalin receives chemotherapy

Princess Katalin receives chemotherapy

British Princess Catherine will receive preventive chemotherapy, reports A BBC. According to an announcement by the Royal Court on Friday evening, cancer cells were found in the body of the wife of the heir to the British throne, Prince William, after her surgery last January.

Princess Katalin reported the diagnosis in a video uploaded to the social media site X.

Katalin, 42, thanked the supportive messages and also expressed her gratitude to the medical team treating her.

According to him, in January, before the surgery was performed on the lower abdomen, they were not aware of the presence of cancer cells in his body, but after the intervention tests showed their presence. According to the Duchess, the news has hit her family hard, and she is currently in the early stages of chemotherapy.

“Vilmos and I did our best to handle this operation as discreetly as possible for the sake of our family. You can imagine how long this takes. It took me some time to recover from the surgery to begin treatment. But most importantly,” Princess Katalin said of her children. “That is because I needed time to be able to explain all this properly to Giorgio, Sarolta and Lagos and to assure them that I will be fine.”

The royal couple's children are aged ten, eight and five. Advertised by guardian According to him, it was timed with the start of spring break in schools, so that the children would have more time to absorb the news, in the company of their families.

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The Duchess also said in the video that she is healthy and feels strong because she is focusing on things that help her heal physically and mentally. As he said, the support and care of Prince Vilmos helps a lot in this matter.

“We hope they understand that our family needs space and privacy for a while until I can finish treatment,” she said. Katalin hopes she will soon be able to return to her duties, which she always enjoys, but is now focusing on her recovery.

“I want to say to everyone who is facing this disease, in any way, please do not lose faith and hope. You are not alone,” he said. The new statement issued by Kensington Palace – as usual – did not specify exactly what type of cancer the Duchess may be suffering from, but they revealed That treatment began at the beginning of February, he writes guardian.

Princess Catalin disappeared from sight for several months at the beginning of the year. She underwent abdominal surgery in January and has not been seen in public since. There have been many theories circulating on the internet as to why he disappeared for so long.

At the beginning of February, the father-in-law of Princess Catalin III. British King Charles was also diagnosed with cancer. Buckingham Palace after the announcement Issue a statement.

Accordingly, King Caroli is “very proud of Catalin for speaking so courageously and maintains the close relationship with his beloved daughter-in-law.”

As they write, the royal couple will continue to support the family and surround them with love during this difficult time.

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak talks about the news of the princess's illness Improvement needed on X To the princess. But he also criticized the press and social media for monitoring his condition with suspicious eyes in recent months. “When it comes to health issues, like everyone else, he deserves privacy so he can focus on treatment and his family,” she wrote.

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