Vilmos herceg és Katalin hercegné a britek utolsó reménye

Prince William and Princess Catherine are the last hope for the British

The alleged soft power, the effect of a demonstration in the Hungarian language, which means the cultural appeal of a country, and the lifestyle that its residents envy, provides a model for other countries to follow, which is very important for countries like the United Kingdom, which is now outside the European Union, wants to be on stage International as an independent country – Begins Analysis by Martin Evins in his Bloomberg Journal. This would be true even if we can ensure that the British leadership has managed to conclude good bilateral trade agreements with the rest of the world, particularly the United States, China, India and the European Union.

The United Kingdom is the oldest democracy in the world and it is a constitutional monarchy, so the personality of its prime minister and the lives of members of the royal family have always affected the image of the island nation. He generally portrayed the country as a cultured, tolerant and democratic place, even if the British Lion, of course, had his darker side. Unfortunately, the incumbent Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and most royals do not bring the appeal that the island’s people expect of him. There is one refreshing exception: the princess couple Catherine Prince William.

A great deal

Soft power isn’t very soft when it comes to business. By instilling confidence in a country’s direction, influencing foreign investment, arousing people’s curiosity about who lives there, making an impact on tourism, making the country open mentally and energetic, attracting students, cultural values, and those interested in theater and entertainment. Therefore, it is not a good idea for the British to be on the Portland media companies list that ranks countries according to soft power, with France ahead of the UK. In the Nations’ Brand Index, which ranks countries as brands, the country is ranked fourth after the United States, China and Japan.

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The impression of strangers about each country is very important. For example, despite the fact that more widely cited scientific publications are born in the United Kingdom than in Germany and Japan, citizens of the world see the British lagging behind the Germans and the Japanese in scientific research. The University of Oxford’s coronavirus vaccination results may improve something in this regard. Meanwhile, even London’s theaters, nightclubs and bars are losing their appeal, even though it has made the British capital one of the cultural centers of the world. Due to the pandemic, most of them have been closed, and despite government promises of billions to revive them, the French and German leadership will spend more for the same purpose.

Missing faces

After the negative image of Brexit and the negative treatment of the Coronavirus pandemic, the British will be in dire need of internationally charismatic figures. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a reputation for good humor, but that isn’t enough today. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for example, has been ranked higher based on her moral standing and leadership skills. One measure of soft power is how a state’s government works with others, and in this we see London fighting the European Union over Brexit, and the UK-US special role could play the role of “little brother” at most.

The situation around the royal house is no better. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was still watched by millions, and many were more interested in their fate than the leaders of their country, but they hadn’t taken on the responsibilities of the royal family well and retired from public life – and they kept on doing so. Jobs as civilians in North America. Prince Charles has always believed that the public roles of the royal family should be kept to a minimum, and this can only be confirmed by the harassment scandal of his brother Andrew, which asked the Queen to retire from public roles because of the latter.

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There is very little on my feet

Thus Windsors and the British had one trump card: Catherine and William, Princess and Prince of Cambridge. The two stand in the mud, tirelessly sharing grueling public relations appearances. They portray the ideal couple fulfilling their responsibilities while not simply waiting for the tabloid to make mistakes, but is specifically looking for every point it can find in the perfect picture. A Bloomberg publicist has been fortunate to meet Prince William many times in person, as he found himself tougher than our public appearances.

It would be a mistake to underestimate the diplomatic importance of the couple. For example, Prime Minister David Cameron’s government sent the couple to visit China and India, and one of the goals of their trip to the latter country in 2016 was to counterbalance Merkel’s attempts to boost German companies’ business in India. At home, they portray cohesion in a collapsing UK, where aspirations for Scottish independence have been boosted by the coronavirus epidemic, to which the Scottish Nationalist Party, the separatist in Scotland, has responded better than the London government.

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