Prince Miklos of Denmark after losing his title: I don't understand why it happened this way

Prince Miklos of Denmark after losing his title: I don’t understand why it happened this way

Just a week before the official announcement, he learned that his grandmother would strip him of his duchess.

The Danish Royal Palace announced a few days ago that Margaret, Queen of Denmark forbidden His youngest son, Prince Joachim of the royal ranks. This means that Prince NicholasAnd the Prince FelixAnd the Prince Henry And the Princess Athena As of January 1, 2023, they will no longer be able to recall these addresses. They will later be known as Countess and Countess of Monpezat.

The decision was made that day Prince Joachim the ex wife Countess Alexandra Fredericksburg After their eldest son, Nicholas, Prince of Denmark also answered. After his father, the Prince also reported that they had been informed of the Queen’s decision a week before it was made public.

Of course, my whole family and I are very sad. As my parents said, we were shocked by the decision and how quickly it really happened. I am confused why this happened this way

Tell Miklós, who also works as a model.

By the way, the Danish Queen Margit this week He saidHis decision is in the best interests of his grandchildren.

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