Prince Harry will return, but the UK is not safe for him

Harry, 37, has applied for judicial review of the Home Office’s decision not to allow it Get police protection for your safety and the safety of your familyWhen they are in the UK.

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You want to get your kids out of the US, but He and his family “can’t go home” because it’s too dangerous, His legal representative, Duke, said earlier. “It goes without saying that he wants to go back to see his family and friends and continue supporting the charities so close to his heart.”

You know, Harry and Meghan They’ve lost taxpayer-funded police protectionhaving resigned as head of the royal family in early 2020.

The prince, who did not attend Friday’s hearing in person, says his private defense group is in the United States Doesn’t have enough jurisdiction abroadHe has no access to British intelligence needed to keep his family safe.

Talk about it before He wants to finance his own defense, Instead of asking taxpayers to do so. However, Robert Palmer, a Home Office spokesman, told the court that Harry’s offer of private funding was “irrelevant,” he wrote. Hello magazine.

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