Prince Harry refuses to take his children to the UK for fear of them

Prince Harry refuses to take his children to the UK for fear of them

The prince lawfully attacked the British government.

We wrote in January about it Harry Prince His lawyers sent a warning letter to the British Home Office saying that the prince, his wife and two children did not receive adequate protection from the government when they visited the UK. The government’s position was that they were not willing to pay for Harry’s defense.

The Associated Press has now WritesThe Prince has legally defied the UK government after he officially refused to provide police protection to a family living in America. Prince Harry’s lawyers said

If they travel to British soil at the age of eight months Lilibetil and three years with archieWithout adequate protection, it would be very risky.

In the High Court of London the prince’s lawyer, martyr Fatema He said Harry would not feel safe when in the UK, although it goes without saying that at times they will want to travel to the country, after most of their family and friends live there.

Most of all, this is your home, and it always will be.

Prince Harry did not attend Friday’s session anyway.

And that Meghan with Markle Exactly what they do in the US, we wrote about recently.

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