Prince Harry is suing the UK Home Office

During his trips to the UK, Prince Harry does not enjoy the same protection he did when he was a working member of the royal family, but he cannot get protection from the police. He wants to challenge the relevant decision in court.

Third. Charles’ youngest son, Prince Harry, believes he will not be given enough protection while living in the UK. Years ago, the prince and his wife left the ranks of the working family, which led to the loss of some of their privileges, including the protections afforded to members of the royal family.

the Watchman According to reports, Harry is preparing to sue the Royal Executive and VIP Committee (RAVEC) over a decision that he cannot take special state protection when traveling to the UK.

Harry’s lawyers believe that the decision of RAVEC, which is under the Home Office, to protect Harry (too) is unlawful, so they have appealed to the High Court on the matter. During the hearing, they are told Harry must be given the go-ahead so that he can launch a legal case against the committee over the aforementioned decision, but the Home Office’s position is the opposite: they argue that it is completely inappropriate that “the rich can buy” police who specialize in protection. armed character.

Of course, Harry’s lawyer has an answer to this too, as according to them, RAVEC’s decision is inconsistent with the 1996 Law and Order Act, which allows police personnel to provide special police services “for a fee” based on the decision of police chiefs. According to the legal representatives, RAVEC exceeded its authority with the decision, and indicated that they did not ask for bodyguards, but protection for an event in a specific place, and the Ministry of the Interior stated that, according to them, this was not the case. Even if it is legally uncertain whether it is Providing preventive custody falls within the scope of the law and order law or not.

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Prince Harry enjoys protection when he participates in a state event as the son of the monarch, for example, during his father’s coronation on May 6, members of British law enforcement agencies take care of him.

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