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Prince Harry has noticeably thicker hair in his new pic, and commenters haven’t spared it

Prince Harry has noticeably thicker hair in his new pic, and commenters haven’t spared it

A new picture has appeared About Prince Harry BetterUp is a mental health and coaching company on his website. The photo shows the prince with thick, dark hair falls, who has been working as an influencer at the American company for years. In the course of his work, he mainly lectures on topics such as burnout, loss of motivation, and the importance of meditation.

Returning to his hairstyle: the view of the crown of rich hair is also surprising because in the most recent photos taken of Prince Harry – at the beginning of the month, for example, he was photographed with his wife, With Meghan Markle She was shopping in Tokyo – her hair is much thinner and lighter. The jokes also appeared on Twitter, and several of them said: Harry Spare His brother quipped in his memoirs, Prince William Of her hair loss, she described it as “worrisome” and “more advanced” than her own.

New York Post is one of the best publications Drenched in raisins.

  • Prince Harry’s new photo on BetterUp doesn’t do much to distract from the fact that he’s bald, bad at that. I’m not used to criticizing people for their looks, but Harry was no different, mocking his brother to himself. He can’t fool anyone anymore , and by denying the obvious, he is not doing himself any favors either.”
  • “His brother has dealt with his hair loss with dignity, though his younger brother jokes about it. Harry has made a fool of himself again by refusing to accept that he is not 25 anymore and needs a different hairdo because of his baldness.”
  • “She’s in denial about her looks and everything else that’s going on with her.”
  • “It’s ridiculous when people do this, they make their eyes bigger and bluer, their skin flawless, their hair fuller. Then you see them at Tesco without the filters.”

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