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Prince Harry cannot sue the UK Home Office
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Prince Harry cannot sue the UK Home Office

As an active and working member of the royal family, Harry is entitled to state protection funded by British taxpayers’ money, except that he no longer works at Buckingham Palace. According to Clause 2022, Harry cannot use the services of the English police even for money.

On May 16, we wrote that Prince Harry will be suing the UK Home Office because he cannot afford police protection when he travels to the UK. Harry – since he filed his work related to the royal family in 2020 – is not automatically entitled to state protection in his country of origin, but his lawyer has requested a review by the committee specializing in the protection of the royal family and public figures, ref. From the Royal Executive and VIP Committee (RAVEC). his command in this regard. RAVEC held that it was not possible to purchase state protection privately in the United Kingdom and that the same applies to Harry.

According to Harry’s legal team, the decision of the committee under the Home Office was illegal, so they appealed to the Supreme Court. During the hearing, they were told that Harry should be given the go-ahead to start a case against the commission, but the Home Office’s position was the opposite: they said it was completely inappropriate for “rich people to be able to buy” armed police bodyguards. The Home Affairs Department added that, in their view, RAVEC’s decision was not unlawful, it merely established a basic principle, even if it was legally uncertain whether the provision of protective custody fell within the scope of law and order. The Home Office also separately stated that Prince Harry would then be entitled to protection if, as the son of the monarch, he takes part in a state event, such as his father’s coronation on May 6, members of British law enforcement agencies take care of him.

Harry and his lawyers rushed into a legal hearing But in his article on Tuesday, Harry and his lawyers rushed into a legal hearing BBC It says the court decided not to grant permission for that. It has been said that the RAVEC committee was under no obligation to accept Prince Harry’s comments in the first place, so there is little chance that this decision will change.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were involved in a car chase in New York last week. After that, Harry said that he would devote the rest of his life to curbing the tabloid press. The prince’s mother, Princess Diana, died in a car crash in Paris in 1997, at the age of 36, after being stalked by an army of paparazzi.

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