Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not return to the UK in March

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not return to the UK in March

The last time they visited the prince’s homeland was two years ago.

sound Prince Harry And Meghan Markle he will not be there Prince of the Philippines At a memorial ceremony held in his honor on March 29. Lawyers for the Duke of Sussex first sent a warning letter to Britain’s Home Office in January saying that Harry, Meghan and their two children had not been given adequate protection by the government when they visited the UK.

The prince has since legally challenged the British government to officially deny them police protection, saying they were unwilling to pay for their defence. In view of this, Harry does not dare to return to his homeland, because he is very afraid of Meghan Markle, a three-year-old girl and a nine-month-old daughter.

Although the royal family expected Harry and Meghan to finally introduce themselves in person at the event in memory of the Duke of the Philippines. LilibetThis opportunity appears to be swimming away.

The prince will not return to the UK at the end of March, but he hopes to visit his grandmother as soon as possible

Tell A spokesperson for the Sussex couple is on Page Six.

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