Prince George has grown big: the young heir to the throne went to a rugby match with his parents - World Star

Prince George has grown big: the young heir to the throne went to a rugby match with his parents – World Star

Prince William and Princess Catherine rarely appear at public events with their children, with Georgewith Charlotte and Lachos, so it’s a real curiosity for fans that they can see the royal seedlings again.

On February 26, the Duke and Princess of Cambridge attended a rugby match at Twickenham Stadium, where England and Wales battled, accompanied by the young heir to the throne, Prince George.

Prince George in new photos

The little prince has grown a lot lately, and he’s probably as tall as his parents.

George is a sports fan, football is his favorite and pushes the Chelsea team, but rugby also seems to be close to his heart. The Mountbatten-Windsors fan An Instagram page has also uploaded new photos of him, with many fans commenting on the extent of the change.

“I have grown a lot since the football match last summer.” “Look at her size! She looks more and more like Catherine and her family!”, “Prince George is so cute! He inherited his eyes and nose from his mother, but all the rest from his father!” Commentators said.

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The heir to the throne celebrates his ninth birthday on July 22, his sister Princess Charlotte is also attending, a fourth grade student at Thomas Battersea London’s private school, and their parents are likely to enroll their younger brother, Prince Louis.

He wrote that they are not allowed to use their royal title at school, so perhaps many of their classmates don’t know that they are studying with members of the British royal family. Welcome! magazine. Instead of the titles Prince and Princess, they both use the title Cambridge.

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Prince William last in December He distilled some information about his children In the Apple Fitness + podcast. They admitted that they love music, one of their favorites is Shakira Waka Waka.

Most mornings, George and Charlotte have a serious argument over which music to listen to. (…) Charlotte is running in the kitchen in ballet clothes. He has gone completely crazy with Lajos, who is trying to imitate him in everything. It is really a happy moment when kids have fun dancing, having fun and singing.

Princess Catherine’s mother

In our collection you can see how beautiful Princess Catherine’s mother, Carol is.

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