Prime News - The Hungarian designer is planning his new collection with a smartphone

Prime News – The Hungarian designer is planning his new collection with a smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G has created the latest collection of designer Anna Daubner with modern devices, drawing attention to protect the biodiversity and natural values ​​that occur in Hungary. The renowned designer in Budapest will produce the new collection with the support of Samsung, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra will help you express your ideas and show your creative side as easily as possible.

The artist draws animal-inspired patterns, designs clothes with the phone-compatible S Pennel, and shows the creative process on his Instagram page. The Galaxy S21 collection emphasizes maintaining the common values ​​that are important to us all and diversity, and after its presentation in May, it became Anna Dupner Cut the pattern.

The collaboration between Samsung and Anna Daubner, the Hungarian fashion designer, draws attention to natural and social values ​​that may be at risk in the event of global crises. Creative people and their businesses have faced a difficult situation recently, and small businesses are the cornerstone of any economy. Entrepreneurship, freedom of self-expression and creativity are values ​​that propel society as a whole forward. This is the epicenter of two brands with the Galaxy S21 group, and Anna Daubner, a key member of the creative community in Budapest, is at the forefront of the initiative. The young designer founded her eponymous brand in 2014, and since then, elegant, comfortable and stunning Anna Daubner dresses have been available for purchase all over the world.

“I’ve never designed my clothes on a phone before, which is why it promises to be a very exciting creative process, and I wonder how I can get the most out of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Anna Dupner said of the group. – Personally, I really love nature and animals, and it constantly inspires me while creating the special colors and patterns found in the world of biology, so I am in the lucky position to be able to create from a subject close to my heart with the help of high technology. I am sure this will allow me to unleash my imagination even more! “

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For the first time in the history of the S series, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G can also be used with the S Pen, great for creative creativity and self-expression. The cutting-edge special device is designed for users who are constantly energetic and care about the smallest details, effective work and self-expression are essential to their daily life.

The company not only provides the designer with the phone, but also participates in the show business and incurs the production costs of the first series of the collection, in order to support the realization of Anna’s creative vision.

In addition to Anna’s unmistakable style, the gorgeous natural shapes that can be discovered on the protected animal species that live in Hungary will play an important role in the look of every piece of clothing. Our country is home to many wonderful living creatures, quite diverse and diverse fauna, among which many lesser-known representatives are sources of inspiration. One of the goals of the campaign is to make these animals known to a wider audience through the planning process.

“It gives us great pleasure to be able to help such wonderful local businesses as Studio Anna and to be inspired by the local wildlife. We are excited that the first plans are ready and see the final set unfold. – said Samu Zsófia, Samsung Hungary Communications Manager. – Sustainability is critical to Samsung, as evidenced by maintaining our current values ​​for the future through technology and collaboration. “

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Samsung has taken a number of measures in recent years to extend the life of its mobile devices, helping to create a more sustainable circular economy. The company’s latest Galaxy smartphones receive three generations of guaranteed updates, and Samsung guarantees security updates for four years *. To reduce the environmental impact, more devices are encapsulated from recycled materials, and in the future, the packaging of more products will be simplified to reduce e-waste.

The joint collection of Anna Daubner and Samsung is expected to be available to the public at the end of May, and after its display, the individual pieces will be available for purchase in the Anna Daubner Web Store or the Margot Store in Budapest. Upcoming collection content, design process and inspiring protected animal species are constantly coming to Anna Daubner’s Instagram page.


* Security updates are available for the Galaxy Z series, S, Note, A, M, XCover and Tab released since 2019. The availability of updates and features for Android may vary by device and country, and a list of supported devices is available. Online.

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