Prim News - Samsung teamed up with Tetris to create the Samsung Jigsaw Puzzle

Prim News – Samsung teamed up with Tetris to create the Samsung Jigsaw Puzzle

Samsung created the limited edition Samsung Jigsaw Puzzle with the help of The Tetris Company. The special food storage system is inspired by the popular Tetrimino shapes of the world-famous game Tetris, and with its unique design, it helps reduce food waste. With proceeds from Samsung Jigsaw Puzzle, the two companies support the European Food Banks Association.

The unique storage system evokes the shape and color of seven iconic Tetrimino items with containers in cyan, yellow, magenta, green, blue, red and orange that allow you to efficiently and safely store a variety of foods in the fridge or freezer. In addition to entertainment in the refrigerator, Samsung Jigsaw also contributes to sustainability, with total revenue from its sales They support the Association of European Food Banks.

Food waste is a growing problem worldwide*. Users say their waste has already reached pre-pandemic levels. Three out of ten (30%) are already throwing away more food than they did before the pandemic because they are less aware of food preparation and consumption. They are not precooked and leftovers are not used.

With Samsung jigsaw puzzles reminiscent of Tetris, evoking the childhood of many, the experience of packing a fridge in the fridge will be as if users were arranging the shapes in the game. With a range of flexibly changing items, you can make more efficient use of space in your fridge, so you can store more leftovers and get less food out of the trash. The Samsung Jigsaw Puzzle, arriving during the festive season, can not only be a practical gift, but also an excellent Christmas gift for gamers, gourmets and sustainable family leaders**.

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Like the new Jigsaw Puzzle, Samsung refrigerators can be customized inside and out. Wine racking solutions, customizable interiors or SpaceMax technology allow users to customize the interior of the refrigerator according to their own needs and make the most of it. These special solutions can also be found in Samsung Bespoke refrigerators, which, due to their special design, allow for more comfortable use and their appearance can be adapted to the mood of the apartment. The well-matched limited edition Samsung Jigsaw Puzzle was also inspired by the company’s research findings***, which show that more than half (54%) of Europeans believe that more organized storage can reduce food waste, and nearly two-thirds (64%) ) They said the food would continue to stand by them if it was stored properly.

“It is critical for Samsung to develop products and solutions that help users in their daily lives, including reducing food waste. That’s why we’ve teamed up with The Tetris Company to create Samsung Jigsaw Puzzle, a fun and totally unique food storage system. said Tim Beer, Head of Cooling at Samsung. – The saw not only looks great and fits almost perfectly in our refrigerators, but it also provides a more efficient solution for storing a variety of foods. With this, users are doubling their waste by supporting the European Food Banks Association by purchasing the Samsung Jigsaw Puzzle.”

“It is a pleasure to be able to work with Samsung to create a jigsaw puzzle and bring a bit of Tetris nostalgia and fun into everyday use of coolers. It feels great to see our favorite game come to life in Samsung Jigsaw Puzzle, and we are excited to see how users coolers will turn into games Tetris is huge. Moreover, by donating all proceeds to the European Food Bank Association, it is a great opportunity to help fight food waste with more tools.” Said Maya Rogers, President and CEO of Tetris.

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The new Samsung Jigsaw Puzzle game will be available in a number of European countries during the holiday season, including Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, France and the United Kingdom.

Users can get more information about Samsung Jigsaw Puzzle at website. stocks a Available on page and revenue European Food Banks Association It is a non-profit network of 335 European food banks, aiming to reduce food waste and create food security on the continent.

The Association of European Food Banks has seen a significant increase in food demand in recent years, and this trend is not expected to change in the near future. With the support of the coalition, various charities helped more than 12.8 million people in need in 2020 alone, which is 34.7 percent higher than it was before the pandemic in 2019. The organization’s European members collected and distributed 860,000 tons of food to charitable partners, Much of it would have been wasted otherwise, a 12 percent increase from 2019.


* a WRAP 2021 Food Waste Trends Survey

** Each individual TetrisTM container is made with the following materials in compliance with food regulations; 100% OPP: PP material CAS No.: 9003-07-0 / Recyclable. The outer packaging is fully FSC certified.

***Samsung conducted European research in 11 countries with 20,000 participants using 3gem. The value of waste in each country is the average weekly expenditure of the respondents as well as the average consumption in each category. Annual data is the product of weekly averages and number of weeks.

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