Prim News - ABB unveils model-breaking Oodi bookstore in Helsinki

Prim News – ABB unveils model-breaking Oodi bookstore in Helsinki

ABB’s “Frozen Music” series of thought-provoking architectural videos showcases innovative buildings and dream architects from around the world. In the next part of the series, you will be guided to Finland, where we will visit a new generation of public buildings. Helsinki Central Library, OodiR.

The history and traditions of the capital are surrounded by the Finnish Parliament Odette. The building is radical and modern in both appearance and function – it does not want to blend in with its surroundings at all. The building not only serves as a library but also as a cultural center, meeting place and event venue.

The idea for Oodi is Finnish ALA It comes from a company whose three employees, Juho Grunholme, Ante Nusjuki and Samuli Woolston, have reported their passion for the experiment. The new public building should not rely too much on the past: it should open up new avenues with new visions, flowing shapes, and surprising solutions. On seeing the curved wooden façade, we immediately understand how Oodi embodies all of this. The scenic view isn’t just stunning: this curved shape allowed ALA designers to “extend” the building’s boundaries, creating a larger interior space.

Thanks to its design, it also has a negative heating effect, which helps keep the interior warm in cold weather. Inside the building, each of the three floors has its own character, with quieter and more audacious activities finding a place for themselves. The ground floor is located under the 100-meter “bridge structure”, so visitors can see the level completely without obstructions.

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From here, we can take the double spiral staircase to the middle level with a closed and intimate atmosphere, a multifunctional space where people can not only read, listen and watch, but also create media. There is no unused space here, every square meter has its own function.

Upstairs, we arrive at the true ‘Book of Paradise’, with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and a delicately curved outside balcony. Here it evokes all quiet contemplation. And if we look outside the building, it’s like swinging through an endless space.

ABB also contributed to the large-scale Oodi Architectural Project. Lighting ABB KNX Downstream light sources controlled by technology. Our Impressivo switches and lamps are fully adapted to the needs of the building and its visitors. Through its design, it does not attract the eye, but at the same time it works flawlessly so that we can deliver ourselves perfectly to contemplation, creativity and community life.

Juhu, Ante and Samuli describe the opening of the library as one of the greatest events in their lives. With Oodi, they created a building of national importance to delight millions, while not forgetting for a moment just how fun a good book was.

Other parts of the “Music Closed in Stone” series It can be viewed at this link.

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