Previous Samsung models also receive one of the useful innovations of the Galaxy S23 mobile phones

An interesting charging-related innovation, Pause USB Power Delivery, first appeared on the Galaxy S23 series, which has received relatively little attention, although it is a particularly useful function. The manufacturer is to be commended that they make this available on many of the earlier devices as well.

Pause USB Power Delivery is designed for those who play a lot on their phone and charge the device while they play. After turning on the function, the handsets work directly from the adapter, and not from the battery, which has several advantages. On the one hand, we do not load the battery unnecessarily, so its value decreases, on the other hand, we can also avoid heating the battery, since in this case the charging stops.

The function is part of the Game Booster application, so it will be available on other devices by updating it. It is already available for Galaxy S22 mobile phones, in certain regions Galaxy Z Fold 2, 3, 4 owners and even Galaxy A73 5G users have indicated that it works for them.

For some, the activation was successful after connecting the factory Samsung 45W charger to the mobile phone, and Game Booster app version is also required. Unfortunately, the function can only be used while playing.

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