Press release: Hungary and Turkey were not invited again by Biden to the Democracy Summit

120 countries will be there.

Neither Hungary nor Turkey will participate next week in the democracy summit organized by the United States at the end of March – informed Foreign Policy.

Not inviting the two NATO members, which was confirmed by three US officials, Foreign Affairs wrote, reflects growing concern about the deterioration of democracy in Turkey and Hungary.

The current situation is likely to inflame tensions between Washington, Budapest and Ankara, as well as increase the distance between the two countries and other NATO members, as well as the European Union, Foreign Policy warns.

This is not the first time that Hungary and Turkey are not invited to Joe Biden To the US President’s Democracy Summit: They were also not there in 2021, although about 110 countries had met until then. At that time, neither Russia nor China was on the guest list, but Taiwan was there.

The summit, which will take place between March 28-30, will be held in person and partly in person, and the organizers include the United States, South Korea, the Netherlands and Zambia.

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