Premium features added to Apple's watchOS 9

Premium features added to Apple’s watchOS 9

06.07.2022 | GSM Arena

The latest version of watchOS 9 will be available later this year on compatible Apple Watch models.

Apple unveiled its upcoming watchOS 9 update at WWDC today. The new update also includes improvements to time schedules, exercise app, sleep stages, AFib first date, and medication tracking.

WatchOS 9 includes four new watch faces. These include Lunar, Playtime, Metropolitan, and Astronomy. WatchOS 9 also includes updates to existing watch faces. Apple has improved sleep tracking by introducing sleep stages. Apple Watch is now able to disable REM, Core, and Deep sleep in the app.

The Workout app has been updated to display more information and metrics. By adding individual workouts, you can create structured workouts with individual work and rest periods. New alerts can be added, including speed, strength, heart rate and stroke. For triathletes, the Workout app now supports the new Multisport workout, which automatically switches between any series of swimming, cycling and running exercises, recognizing movement patterns using motion sensors.

For runners, watchOS 9 displays additional running metrics, including stride length and ground contact time, to help improve running. Those who run on frequently used routes can compete with their previous best or most recent results.

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Premium features added to Apple's watchOS 9

WatchOS 9 then retrieves the AFib history for those diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Your Apple Watch can now track your AFib heart rate and show how often your heart rate shows signs of AFib. Users receive weekly notifications and a detailed history in the Health app. A PDF of this can be downloaded to share with clinicians. Finally, watchOS 9 adds a medication feature that lets you manage and track medications and supplements with a schedule and reminders.

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WatchOS 9 will be available on compatible Apple Watch models later this year.

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