Pre-orders for a new game followed in the footsteps of Resident Evil Village

Pre-orders for a new game followed in the footsteps of Resident Evil Village

Last week, Resident Evil Village generated the most revenue on Steam, according to video player Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at TwitterI. This isn’t particularly surprising, as it turned out early Friday that more people were playing the Village Visitors’ game in the online store at the same time than any previous Resident Evil installment. It’s somewhat unexpected that Hood: Outlaws & Legends will come second with their pre-orders.

Released today, Sumo Digital’s unusual Robin Hood interpretation is a PvPvE game about two rival teams trying to steal a treasure chest from a fort. Hood’s co-op and competitive gameplay is a bit complicated, but it still appears to be able to pique audience interest. Interestingly, however, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, also released this week, was only able to reach ninth place through pre-orders.

Another interesting feature of the roster is that Resident Evil 7 and Village’s combined package was added to the list twice (one of them being the pre-order version), so the franchise won completely the previous week. It Takes Two was still fourth, and it was already the sixth week in a row when the co-op game was in the top ten. It also finished the 2017 NieR Automatic in 10th place, thanks in part to the newly released new edition of the NieR Replicant and partly to the opponent.

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