Practice and get used to the point - Ákos Keller -

Practice and get used to the point – Ákos Keller –

On Wednesday, the Hungarian national team will start a four-team preparatory match against Japan on the island of Okinawa, which will not be an easy task for the Olympic participant.

Together with his teammates Ákos Keller, he is trying to overcome the difficulties caused by relocation and confinement (Photo: Nemzeti Sport)


In an exotic place in Japan, you can train for a men’s team led by Federal Captain Ivkovich Stoyan, who has been in the Far Eastern archipelago for a week. Our best traveled to the island of Okinawa on Monday, touching Japan’s capital Tokyo, and in Naha, the host nation on Wednesday, the Finns on Friday, and the Belgians on Sunday in a four-team showdown. Competition.

“A lot of people find it difficult to switch because of the time lag, we sleep less – National Sports reported Tuesday evening local time Ákos Keller team captain. – It was raining all the time in Tokyo, and the hotel was not good either, while the room proved to be particularly unsuitable for normal training, but we also tried to make the most of it. The weather in Okinawa is good, which is baffling because we are locked in a hotel, and there is nothing we can do but look at the sea. Or we are supposed to go out to the parking lot, the Finnish bus goes in big circles there … On Tuesday we were allowed to go to the pool, there was a Japanese barbecue for dinner, we grilled meat and crab and decorated ourselves. It was a great experience. They are trying to entertain us to endure confinement, but it is different from being able to move normally.”

And the jumping center in Falco added (the defending champion is waiting for the Champions League draw from the second hat on Wednesday), they have to wear a mask all the time when they go somewhere, and they also need nylon gloves for the buffet meals, which they exaggerate and mix with .. they are constantly tested . They can already try the center hall track, the stadium was built about a year ago, it’s beautiful and everything in it could be perfect, even for an NBA team – we’ll see what our team, who plays at noon in Hungary, is playing. Olympic participant Japan, go here.

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“Everyone is moving a little bit better compared to the first day when we weren’t ready yet – said Keeler.“Now we look like people playing basketball: no one came here at their best, we have to build. It’s important that no one gets hurt and give everyone a role in the matches. We’ve seen videos of the Japanese, we know one or two of their characters, the cast in The overseas posts are throwing in well, and they have two US domestic dominance centers, one well aimed from the outside and the other strong on site. It won’t be easy, but we will try to make the most of it and win the meeting, but at the same time, training and getting used to is key.”

In Naha Hall, a half-home crowd of 4,000 spectators can watch the clash, where local drivers may be primarily interested in NBA basketball players Hasimura Ruira and Vatanabe Jota – the former will be Japan’s flag bearer at the opening Olympics gala.

From the point of view of the Hungarian national team, according to Keeler, there is no need to draw conclusions before the World Cup qualifiers, the point is that the team will train in the middle of the summer and everyone will swim in the adventure healthily. road.

City of preparation, leather
Hungary – Japan
Hungary – Finland
Starting dates are in Hungarian time.

Allen Rosco (Albirex Niigata, Japan), János Eilingsfeld (SE Nuclear Power Plant), Máté Fazekas, Balint Horti (both KTE-Danube Asphalt), Csaba Ferencz (Egis Körmend), György Golomán (Spirou Charleroi, Perkák, Belgium) , Benedek Váradi (the three Falco-Vulcano Energia KC Szombathely), Norbert Lukács, Dávid Vojvoda (both Alba Fehérvár), Marcell Pongó (Crailsheim Merlins, German), Zsolt Szabó (ZalakerKámia)
For the players, we have listed their club from the previous season.

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