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“Possessed by the devil” – a woman made a hysterical scene when they wanted to pull her from the plane

“Possessed by the devil” – a woman made a hysterical scene when they wanted to pull her from the plane

It's rare to see someone getting off a scheduled flight, but it happens: a woman was arrested by security for being really crazy! He performed a theatrical spectacle that rivaled award-winning Hollywood comedies. Plane passengers immediately picked up the free software and uploaded it to social media.

The clip in which an anonymous woman's Oscar-winning performance entertains users is on TikTok. He plays so insanely well that security had to intervene. The video shows several Las Vegas police officers trying to restrain the suspect while the plane was standing on the runway before taking off.

There's no word on exactly why the police were alerted, but the short film reveals that the woman is acting completely unexpectedly. The unsuspecting passenger, dressed in completely normal clothes and with African-American features, suddenly becomes “crazy” and resists the authorities, who try to handcuff him, with a ridiculous expression on his face.

“I can go out on my own. Why are they doing this…why are they acting like I'm evil?” – He pleaded with this play as if he was applying for the lead role of a comedy in an audition.

“Stop it. Can I do this freely? I only care about my freedom!” Announce.

@realkingjon The soul at its finest… #spiritual_airlines #fyp ♬ original sound – KingJon

Finally, a policeman was able to handcuff him and inform him that he was under arrest. To this the woman replied: “No problem. It's not the first case.”. With that, he turned and looked directly at the camera of one of the passengers' mobile phones, which was broadcasting the show live.

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This encouraged him, and he performed a dramatic scene: he stood up and began to writhe violently while screaming, saying: “This hurts, my elbow and wrist hurt. You hurt me, Sheriff! This hurts, Sheriff!” He roared and screamed.

“I can't breathe. Why is he touching my leg?” – He repeated this several times with a cartoon expression on his face, while the policemen and other passengers could not contain their laughter.

The show ended with the host's voice announcing this “The plane must be evacuated.”, to the unanimous dissatisfaction of the passengers. The authorities still have not explained why the woman was handcuffed, and the airline is not answering questions from the press.

However, social media users are in full swing with theories, and many have wondered how she could bypass security checks?! According to some “He is possessed by an evil spirit in front of everyone.”

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