Portfolio.hu – Anti-government demonstrations held in the Czech Republic

The more than three-hour protest against poverty was organized by a non-parliamentary party called Právo Respekt Odbornost (Law, Respect, Experience – PRO). Demonstrators in Wenceslas Square waved Czech flags and chanted anti-government slogans. Jindrich Rajchl, President of the PRO announced: If the government does not accept their demands, there will be another demonstration on April 16 in Wenceslas Square, after which the government buildings will be closed.

The demonstrators also demanded that the government stop massive military support to Ukraine, which was under Russian attack, and deal with the problems of the Czech population instead of the Ukrainians.

At the end of the movement, a few hundred protesters marched in front of the Czech National Museum and demanded that the Ukrainian flag be removed from the facade of the building. After no one responded to their demands, several people tried to enter the building, which was prevented by the police commandos. A fight broke out which resulted in police arresting 15 people for disorderly conduct.

Interior Minister Vet Rakosan described the demonstration as an action by pro-Russian people and said the police intervention was legal and necessary.

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