Volkswagen has always been very generous when it comes to company cars for its top executives. A group of senior managers and members of the car company’s upper management have been giving away up to two vehicles of their choice – at least until now.

High-income drivers had the freedom to choose from almost any brand in the Volkswagen family. A Volkswagen Transporter minivan for the family and a Porsche 911 alongside it for a weekend getaway to relieve the stress of work on winding mountain roads? They had to say goodbye to that. According to information from Bild newspaper.

This decision is part of Volkswagen's comprehensive cost-cutting program. The concern wants to save four billion euros in 2024, seven billion euros in 2025, and ten billion euros annually from 2026.

According to the German newspaper, the decision will affect about two hundred people, only Porsche managers and members of the company's board of directors, such as Oliver Blume, can reserve this option.

According to the article, complaints about the Porsche ban have already been filed with the labor court in Braunschweig. They are protesting the change and are also unhappy with their salaries. However, in difficult times, everyone has to make sacrifices, according to a statement by a member of the management board, VW executives who would certainly like to drive a Porsche can afford it as individuals.