Porat is only back because of Trump and he's retiring now

Porat is only back because of Trump and he’s retiring now

Sacha Baron told Cohen why he brought back the racist Kazakh.

The marketing of the best-produced movies was evidently last fall Sacha Baron Cohen It was he who dropped the second part of Porat in the presidential campaign poetry. But going back was by no means an obvious good idea. “By 2020, it wasn’t Borat that was tamed, but the world had become a strange and ridiculous place,” we wrote in our critique, and concluded that the British comedian was not able to keep up with the absurdity of public life.

Sacha Baron Cohen He explained to Variety, Why he resurrected and why retire now.

I brought Borat again because of Trump. I had a specific goal from the movie, but I no longer really see that goal. So yeah, I’ll put it back in the locker

Although he had already made a similar statement once after the first part, then in 2019 he still appeared in the role of Borat to provoke Americans, said 49-year-old Baron Cohen. In the interview, he also talked about his introduction in 2009 Bruno Filming was really so stressful that it was very painful.

Over the next six months, wherever I went, when I heard the siren, I immediately got nervous, and had to run away from the cops many times during filming. She pledged never to shoot a movie in disguise again.

This changed with the populist transformation of 2016. Baron Cohen felt that democracy was in danger and he needed to draw attention to it.

The movie was originally about Trump and Trump. Coronavirus has increased this by showing the deadly consequences of the spread of lies and conspiracy theories.

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