Popular Words Sydney will be booked for two weeks due to the spread of the delta boom

The Australian vaccination program is very difficult, with only about a quarter of the population receiving vaccinations.

The city of Sydney was placed under full custody for two weeks from Saturday by the Australian authorities due to the spread of the more contagious delta type of coronavirus.

MTI writes. According to a report by the Hungarian state news agency, it was announced on Friday that four districts in the big city would be closed, but on Saturday it was announced that the city of more than five million people would be completely closed for two weeks. More than eighty people in Australia have tested positive for coronavirus this week, and they can all be linked to an airport taxi driver, who may have been caught by the crew of a foreign flight.

The delta variant seems like a particularly formidable opponent. Whatever protection measures we take, the virus is always capable of counterattack

Brad Hazzard, NSW Health Minister said. Australia, with a population of 26 million, has so far succeeded in combating the epidemic with short, strict orders quickly. Since the beginning of the epidemic, just over 30,400 people have been registered and about 900 people have died. On the other hand, the vaccination campaign is slow, with only a quarter of the population vaccinated so far.

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