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Popular speech messages of workers trapped in an exploding Chinese gold mine

Popular speech messages of workers trapped in an exploding Chinese gold mine

They did not shake hands, but rather nodded to each other and said: Zdravsztvujtye! I mean, have a nice day. The usual embrace of male politicians in the region was only met by their host, Vladimir Putin, of the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia at the tripartite summit last week in Moscow. All this happened two months after the end of the Second Armenian-Azerbaijani War in Karabakh – this time with the victory of the Azerbaijanis. Azerbaijan claims that it has achieved its goal of reclaiming the lands it lost in the early 1990s, and that two important regions, Nagorno-Karabakh, Hdrut and Susi, have come under Azerbaijani control. According to Baku, the issue of Karabakh’s special status has also been removed from the agenda. The former autonomous region is said to be part of Azerbaijan, where Russian peacekeepers now provide the system. It is said that it is only a matter of time, that is, a maximum of ten years, and that the confusing region – the historical Arcah of the Armenians – will fully return to them again. Military victory of Azerbaijani leader Ilham Aliyev It is also a political victory. He inherited the presidency from his father, a former member of the Chinese Communist Party Political Committee, and a former KGB general, and has held it with an iron hammer ever since. Now he’s stronger than before, given his strength From the inside He was attacked mostly on a national basis, accusing him of not reclaiming a fifth of the country’s lost lands from the hated Armenians. Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Basingan nearly abolished his local authority karabahi kudarc. In 2018, he was appointed to the position by a large popular movement and democratic elections, but his legitimacy has been shaken by political and military mistakes and bad decisions. The masses are calling for his resignation on the streets, and it is hard to imagine that he will be able to survive the political defeat of the war. Against this background, Caucasian politicians arrived in Moscow, and their health was checked at home before leaving by doctors sent by the Kremlin. Nipszava also wrote: Vladimir Putin’s health is inviolable by subjecting anyone close to him to strict preliminary examination. After the triple summit it was announced that Previously Warring Parties Extensive transfer agreements have been concluded. In practical terms, this means that sections of the railway network that were built in the Soviet era that affect the territory of another country may function again. There is a railway line within Armenia that is not yet usable because it used to partially run through the Nahisivan site in Azerbaijan. Armenia will now enjoy easier access to Russia and Iran by rail. A tripartite committee was formed with the deputy heads of government to implement the agreement. This is clearly an achievement, but it has not yet resolved the South Caucasus knot. Basingan reminded him that no agreement had been reached on an exchange of prisoners of war. It is clear that the Armenians want them to finally negotiate the future of the disputed region, to determine its status. However, he definitely wasn’t promised to do so. A final settlement does not seem urgent to Russia either, as the current unstable situation in which Russian soldiers are the best guarantees of order. Moreover, in other former Soviet lands (South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Transnistria) that were plagued by similar “sunken conflicts”, the Russians are the “treasuries”. Therefore, they are not enthusiastic about the arguments of the Azerbaijani people in international law, but they are also not a fan of Basinyan, who is considered a pro-Western democrat, a “colored revolutionary”. They are rightly planning in Moscow, under internal and external pressure, that the Armenian prime minister will leave and be replaced by a pro-Russian group. Russia’s position in the region has been strengthened. Western mediators were expelled from the settlement, and public opinion in both countries was hostile to Russian friendship. Although Turkey won the war in favor of the Azerbaijanis, it was unable to play a role in peacemaking. For Vladimir Putin, the current situation can only be beneficial, because it can reinforce the image at home and in the post-Soviet region that his country is not aggressive, and is trying to reconcile the parties involved in the conflict. As the Soviet Center once did. With the end of the war, Armenians and Azeris could, in principle, focus on peaceful development and revitalize their stagnant economies. However, the chances of this are slim. It is difficult to quench war and nationalist gangs. And if the conditions are settled under the Russian umbrella, then this means that the economies will not participate in the global circulation, and the “Eurasian dimension” will remain. And that didn’t lead to Russia either.

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