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Pop Icons of Socialism: Everyone's Obsessed With Them – Gallery

Pop Icons of Socialism: Everyone's Obsessed With Them – Gallery

The cursed icons of popular music could also assume a somewhat bourgeois stance in the late period of socialism: there were times when they pushed the boundaries with rhythm, but in the end many of them became jambic.

In the sixties The softened political climate allowed thisto introduce percussion music into our country – amateur bands playing in Budapest clubs and music heard on Radio Free Europe, among others – began a far-reaching process.

Marxist ideology, which had previously been opposed to jazz, also tried to apply iron rigor to rhythm In the sixties. At first, they didn't want to allow for the lack of buzz and lack of training that emerged in this emerging genre.

However, when a KISZ survey in 1963 showed that this modern dance music was preferred by young people, instead of banning it, they tried to direct the light music to a channel suitable for them.

Click on the image and immerse yourself in socialist-era Hungarian light music for a few minutes!

There are few bands left standing that were able to ensure scandal-free reliability combined with talent and popularity at the same time.

In the end, the trio of Ellis, Mitro and Omega remained standing, and besides them, some other lineups managed to dominate in the genre.

This was also due to the fact that the older people rejected rhythm and stuck to dance songs, even when Ellis managed to win the Dance Songs Festival in 1968. However The critical beats of the system came on, rock music played, While Beat was still able to fight for the big screen.

Young audience At the same time, he was increasingly interested in rock music and the 1970s A truly colorful light musical palette has appeared in our country. There was also a place for country or folk music as well as rhythm and rock: the latter genres retained the color of counterculture even into the 1980s. Our gallery above showcases the most famous artists of this era.

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