Pool, clip, and bowling alley in the White House

Pool, clip, and bowling alley in the White House

Among the predecessors of the 46th US President, Joe Biden, rode Washington, Ted Roosevelt, and Ford was an American college football star.


Richard Nixon was one of the most prolific presidents athletes in the United States

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Joe Biden He was sworn in on January 20, and at that point became the 46th president of US history since July 4, 1776. Biden, the 78-year-old Democrat, who has so far knocked Donald Trump on his knees in a controversial way so far, played American football at a young age – he appeared In the colors of the private Catholic high school in Delaware called the Academy of Arshmire.

And nearly all of his predecessors also worshiped a form of aerobic exercise, which reinforces the image of the athletic and action-packed leader in Americans.

For example, one of the founding fathers, who enthusiastically attacked him by the BLM today, was the first to assume the presidency. George Washington (1789-1797), who (as we know from the memories of one of his successors and comrades in arms, Thomas Jefferson) was one of the greatest knights of his time and, if time permitting, was already burdened with worship as his favorite pastime. But only when he was not practicing wrestling, archery, swimming or billiards, because he also practiced these sports at a particularly high level.

Nowadays, she has also positioned herself on a pedestal Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865) loved wrestling as a young man and reportedly suffered only one defeat, and his sport was so grateful to him that in 1992 it was the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.Awesome american (Outstanding American). Lincoln is noted to have put the arm of the neighboring township, Jack Armstrong, on the shoulders of a small-town reception in Illinois in the early 1830s. It is true that the sad glory of the president (there were four in total) who died first in an armed assassination is also his.

Theodore Roosevelt

He was a well-known Republican at the age of 43 after the assassination of William McKinley in 1901 Theodore Roosevelt (1901–1909) He was an obsessive boxing fan, even as president, he regularly quarreled with his subordinates in the White House, and his athletic career only ended when he was seriously injured by a young army artillery officer. His cousin, the only one in American history, was elected three times to a four-year term (he can no longer be president for more than eight years today), but

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Unlike TED, he is a Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1945) couldn’t think of elite sports due to polio. At the same time, he was not only able to swim, but through three strenuous exercises per week, he was able to properly train his arm and torso, and was also able to perform his head in a wheelchair, like winning World War II. In any case, after his first election, as a result of a fundraiser in the New York Daily News, a small 50-foot pool was built inside the White House for the president to keep while he was working. (His successor, Not-Crazy Harry Truman, installed the first bowling alley in the White House …)

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Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961) He played fullback and full-back on the US soccer team at the United States Military Academy at West Point, once in a match against Carlisle in 1912 with Jim Thorpe, in the Ten and Five Trials later, also faced in a field with his Olympic champions, He was deprived of the Stockholm Gold Medal for professional prosecution (and rehabilitated after seventy years) – Eisenhower’s severe knee injury marked the end of the duel. As head of World War I, the 1960s “Ike” remembered Thorpe as if he was the best of them all without much training. At the same time, Eisenhower’s heart was beating not for American football but for baseball, it was hard to tell that he hadn’t joined West Point.

John F. Kennedy

“Perhaps this was the biggest disappointment of my life …” – he said shortly before his death, indicating that he was still victorious in 1960 over his deputy, Richard Nixon. John Fitzgerald Kennedy He could not bear his victory very much. However, the athlete suffered a seventh infarction in 1969.

JFK was handsome and charismatic, but, unlike others, was not able to deliver a particular sports career. True, like his brothers, he swam and played American football at Harvard, as well as played golf quite skillfully. With his Irish ancestors in mind, he cheered for the Boston Red Sox and played a lot at Senate baseball games in Washington, but he used the sport not to play the sport, but to promote himself at the VIP inn for matches with his team. Decoration wife, Jackie. Until he visited Dallas on November 22, 1963 …

Richard Nixon (1969–1974) It was one of the greatest sports anyway as bowling was not all that automated the 1973 White House single-aisle course, but it also didn’t stop in American football so it wouldn’t get involved. He could have done this more easily because he was a good friend of Washington Redskins head coach George Allen, so, according to an urban legend to this day, he played in a playoff against the San Francisco 49th the day after Christmas in 1971 (the first time they fought Copperhead. Allen himself suggested the call, after which 49 players turned and knocked Washington out of the qualifiers. But the Watergate case was definitely not the result of this major bug …

Gerald Ford

Vice President, replace it under duress Gerald Ford (1974-1977) He appeared on the playing field in American football, but so much so that in 1994 he also retired from his 48th jersey at his former alma mater, University of Michigan. Even in the 1930s, when he was studying there, he was a true star for the school team, leading as a center, a full back, and not rarely a longtime snapper playing in the national championships in 1932 and 1933, as well as an unbeaten Michigan. For a year, the team didn’t go that far, but against a favorite Minnesota at the time, Ford helped Michigan defend such a first half 0-0 that he remembered the heroic fight even as president: “During my twenty-five years in the cruel world of politics, I often thought about that match of 1934. And that memory often helped me be able to make every effort for good in a difficult situation, almost without a chance …” Then, in 1935, “Jerry” Ford managed to climb to Soldier Field against the Chicago Bears, even in the Chicago College All-Star Game, and stood brilliantly there as well. That’s when he graduated from college, he vehemently turned down an offer from the NFL to the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, and then went on to study law at Yale, where he became a boxing coach and assistant coach on the college’s American football team. For diversity. Later on, the US Vice President and then the President.

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Ford’s Democratic successor, Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) He played tennis and basketball excellently at Plains High School, Georgia, and in Annapolis, where he enrolled in the famous US Naval Academy, not only was a member of the unbeaten brawl team, but also among the best in the short distances 100 and 150 yard. But as president, he preferred fishing at Camp David (and between trout fishing in 1978, he signed the famous agreement with Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, which awarded the Egyptian president and the Israeli prime minister the Nobel Peace Prize) and quail fishing in Georgia.

When Carter was older, he only enjoyed running, just like that George Bush Sr. (1989-1993), who visited Budapest, which is about to change the regime, more than half a year after his election, and also visited his bodyguards and the security service of the Hungarian host due to his hobby. Bush, who was a regular athlete on his trips abroad, decided on the afternoon of July 12 to play tennis at the Iron Pasaréti Sports Center, but his partner, chosen from the embassy, ​​did not come (who could and how did his career develop?), So he ran ten laps. . That is, four kilometers in a surprise between the bodyguards running with him and the young athletes in Fez … At the dawn of his career, of course, Bush did not prefer running and tennis, but he played baseball seriously, as he had his first racket at Yale in 1947 and 1948. To University team that has reached the College World Series Championships. It is true that California 1st and 2nd Southern California proved to be better than Yale’s.

Bush predecessor, Ronald Reagan (1981-1989), in addition to being a member of the American football team and captain of swimmers as an undergraduate at Eureka College in Illinois, he often played sports on screen. For example, he played Notre Dame football superstar George Gibb in the 1940 movie “Knute Rockne, All American,” baseball star Grover Cleveland Alexander in The Winning Team (1952), and played sports radio commentator countless times (or he just gave His voice) once he was working on the microphone himself in his youth. As governor of California, his assistant was former Jack Kemp Beals’ manager, Jack Kemp, who took over from the Republicans until his vice presidential nomination in 1996. The day after Ronald Reagan’s death on June 5, 2004, the NBA Grand Final began between Loos. Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons – 19,000 spectators at Staples Center and the two teams said a fragile goodbye to the former president before the match …

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smallest Bush, George W. (2001-2009) He also studied at Yale, but was far from playing baseball as skillfully as his dad is the most competent in sports (and politics …). True, between 1989 and 1994, he co-owned his favorite MLB team, Texas Rangers. On the other hand, in 1993, when he was 46 years old, he ran the Houston Marathon smoothly – with a time of 3:44:52. As president, in 2002, at the age of 55, he put a 20:29 three-mile table on the table, and after leaving the White House, he began to show an unexpected interest in mountain biking – often riding mountain bikes at his home in Texas over seventy. .

Barack Obama

Barack Obama (2009-2017), now replaced by Vice President Joe Biden, was raised in Hawaii, where he had not yet dreamed of becoming president of the United States one day, but envisioned his future as a basketball star. In Punahou, he once wrote in the diary of a classmate: “I hope you are hired for that and after becoming a professional basketball player you will help me land a lubricated contract …” Obama won the state championship with Buffanblu in 1979, playing after 23 years of great footballer Michael Jordan’s age, helping his team secure two points off the bench in the final 60-28 against Moanalua.

Donald Trump (2017-2021) As a brilliant businessman, of course, he did not wrestle or baseball, rather, he worshiped golf, and during his presidency he came into conflict with the American sports elite countless times. When Colin Caipernix knelt under the American anthem in 2017, he sent them into a warmer climate with unwanted words and said he would never watch American football again. All LeBron wrote on Twitter about James is that he thought he was a very stupid man, and he made a somewhat ironic statement about athletes in general – who, of course, were hesitant by fans to visit him at the White House after they won the tournament. Many decades.

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