Poll: Macron's coalition won in the second round, but lost the absolute majority in the House

Poll: Macron’s coalition won in the second round, but lost the absolute majority in the House

French President Emmanuel Macron’s party and the allies of the center together! His coalition, named after the poll, was launched in the second round of France’s legislative elections but lost an absolute majority in the National Assembly, according to estimated poll results published by the French press on Sunday night.

The turnout was lower than it was in the first round a week ago, at just 46 percent. According to delegation estimates released by the polling institute Ipsos-Sopra Steria for French public television and radio, the ruling party could count on 224 seats in the 577-seat National Assembly over the next five years, with 345 members so far. An absolute majority requires 289 votes.

“The government had a better evening,” government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire said on French public service channel 2. “It’s a disappointing place, but it’s still number oneHe said. His predecessor, Gabriel Attal, who is currently in charge of the government’s budget ministry, admitted on TF1 commercial television that “if the results are confirmed, they are far from what had been hoped.”

It is clear that the French did not give an absolute majority (to us), nor to any other political formationThe pro-government politician drew attention.

If, based on official results, the presidential coalition managed to obtain only a relative majority, then the head of state will have to find allies in the National Assembly to vote on his reform program in Parliament.

Analysts are expected to turn to the Conservative Party.

However, Christian Jacob, the leader of the conservative Republicans, said they would remain in opposition. The Left Alliance (NUPES), which includes communists, greens, socialists and the radical left, won 149 seats, making it the main opposition force in the lower house of parliament.

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A completely unexpected situation. The defeat of the presidential party is complete and there is no clear majority in sight“said the leftist Jean-Luc Melenchon, president of NUPES.”France has spoken, but it must also be said that it is not strong enough, since the number of those who did not go to the polls is still high, which means that most of France does not know where to turn.“He said.

However, he stressed, NUPES achieved its goal by denying Macron an absolute majority. For the first time since 1986, the sovereign right-wing national constituency can form an independent faction again after 89 members. Marine Le Pen’s party managed to increase its membership tenfold, which party leader Jordan Bardella called a “tsunami” on the TF1 commercial television.

The lesson from tonight is that the French have made Emmanuel Macron the leader of a minorityThe politician said. Marine Le Pen said he would work to unite “patriots on the left and the right”. “We will form a strong oppositionThe party leader said.

The people decided to introduce a powerful parliamentary faction to the National Assembly in the National AssemblySaid Le Pen. The conservative Republicans, who took fourth place and constituted the largest faction by far, could have a group of 78 in the new National Assembly.
The exact distribution of the National Assembly seats and the final result will be announced by the Ministry of Interior overnight.

The results of the presidential elections in April and the parliamentary elections, according to experts, reflect the reorganization of French political life.

That began with the election of Emmanuel Macron as president five years ago: the traditional parties on the right and left have weakened, and the three-polar political space has become around the head of the centrist coalition of the head of state, with the radical left on one side and the sovereign right on the other.

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The new National Assembly will hold its inaugural session on June 28, and a major or minor change of government is expected, depending on the outcome. At the request of the Head of State, he nominated Ministers and Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne.

Emmanuel Macron indicated that any member of the government who is unable to win over their constituency should resign from the government. France 2 TV expected Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon to lose her mandate.

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