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Politico: 69% of Americans say the US is not moving in the right direction
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Politico: 69% of Americans say the US is not moving in the right direction

69% of Americans say the United States is not moving in the right direction, according to a recent joint survey by Morning Consult and Politico.

The results of a monthly survey in March indicate that less than a third of Americans surveyed are fully satisfied with what is happening in the country, while 69 percent said America is heading in the wrong direction.

This ratio was 50-50 percent in March of last year, but there was a shift already in October last year: then the result was 29-61 percent in favor of the dissatisfied. In a March poll, only 41 percent of voters were satisfied with Joe Biden’s presidency, down 5 percent from October last year.

Declining complacency could pose a challenge to Democratic candidates in November’s congressional elections, according to Politico.

Analysts in the camp of those who disagree with the Biden government’s policy, such as Breitbart News, explain illegal immigration at the southern border, rising gas prices and inflation in the US dollar. But according to Breitbart, the drop in wages and the withdrawal from Afghanistan last September also had a negative impact on the country.

Morning Consult and Politico conducts a monthly survey of 2005 people. Respondents relatively represent the views of eligible Americans in terms of gender, age, education, origin, and party preference.

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