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Political scandal fades in America: chaos and hostile atmosphere surrounds the vice president

Political scandal fades in America: chaos and hostile atmosphere surrounds the vice president

22 insiders complained to Politico these days that morale was too low for US Vice President Kamala Harris’ team; Members do not trust each other, and communication between members is very poor. Most complain about Tina Flournoy, Harris’ chief of staff, a veteran Democrat who joined Harris’ team this year.

As Politico writes, Flournoy is so committed to Harris’s defense, that he immediately dismisses any ideas or criticisms the team has of the vice president in a stern tone. He allegedly only allows one or two senior advisors close to the vice president and filters the messages the politician receives in advance. Flournoy does not take responsibility for any failures caused by deficiencies, but transfers them to others, constantly delaying decision-making on critical issues.

Some unnamed commentators accuse Kamala Harris himself of creating an atmosphere that they believe is not only forgiving but also supportive of Flornoy’s work of this kind.

“People are being beaten up badly from above, everyone’s nerves are getting off a line and the general atmosphere is abusive. This environment is not healthy and people often feel they are not being treated well.

This is not a place where people feel valued, but a place where they are treated.”

said an insider on the Politico website.

Incidentally, most disagreements within the team erupted in Kamala Harris’ first assignment when President Biden asked his vice president to address the causes of illegal immigration.

Because of the problems, many have already left Harris’ team, and even President Biden is said to be saddened by complaints about the vice president, who has yet to make a public commitment. This is not likely to happen; For now, it appears that members of Biden’s team are defending Harris’ team.

President Biden’s White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klein, is already on the day of the Politico article reaction for writing; He said the president had the utmost confidence in Vice President Harris and that

It’s just an attempt to sabotage his business.”

Senior members of Harris’ team spoke in a similar tone on the matter. “There are critics,” said Harris’ senior adviser, Seamus Sanders, but it’s not true that people fight each other for Harris every day. He added that those who complained to Politico were “cowards” and that, as a black woman, she would not have the opportunity to serve for the Vice President without Tina Flournoy. Michael Fox, Harris’s deputy chief of staff, said Politico’s article was “based only on rumours,” which are “incorrect.”

However, there are Democrats who are concerned about the consequences of the statements in the article. Joe Biden will turn 81 in the 2024 US presidential election, so many aren’t sure he will run for a second term at that event. Logically, the Democratic lead would be Kamala Harris in the election, which will therefore receive special attention, and Democrats fear that negative publicity about the vice president may transfer power into the hands of Republicans, which could even mean the return of Donald Trump.

There is of course an official who gave a simple answer to the situation:

“>> Oh no, and our heir apparent will tell us things, so what shall we do?

>> Oh, good stuff, maybe he shouldn’t be our heir

Quoting a senior Democratic official who made an unnamed statement Axios.

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