Polish President Putin will be punished with Gazprom

Polish President Putin will be punished with Gazprom

According to him, after the Navalny case, the European Union should impose tougher sanctions.

According to the Polish president, the European Union should impose tougher sanctions on Moscow Alexei Navalny Conflicts in Georgia and Ukraine. André Duda a To the Financial Times He said that there are no other peaceful means

Against a state that violates international law. The rule of international law is essential in this situation. No war as long as international law is respected. When international law is violated, there is always conflict

Said the Polish head of state whose words were quoted by MTI.

According to him, the only way to avoid conflict is to apply international law, which “without guns, cannons and bombs” can only be achieved through sanctions. Poland stands ready to help build consensus on this issue.

According to the Polish head of state Josep Borelink, The Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy should rethink his trip to Moscow next month.

It would be a mistake if this visit was conditional on Navalny’s release

he added. According to Andrei Duda, in order to increase pressure on Moscow, the Russian state monopolized gas With Gazprom Work against

I believe that by limiting Gazprom’s ability to operate economically in the European Union, progress can be made towards respect for international law, human rights and political rights in Russia, because (taking action against Gazprom) would be a dangerous development of Russia’s economic interests.

The Financial Times suggested Doda only congratulations Joe Bidnick When the Electoral College confirmed its victory, while Biden referred to Belarus alongside Belarus when he criticized totalitarian regimes, but the Polish president said that relations between Warsaw and Washington are too important to be affected, he would welcome an increase in the US military presence in Poland.

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