Police on the soccer field: Brazilians and Argentines point at each other

Police on the soccer field: Brazilians and Argentines point at each other

Violations of health rules forced the boycott of Sunday’s World Cup qualifier match between Brazil and Argentina. The Brazilian authorities and members of the Argentine national team refer to each other, while the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) refers to the International Football Association (FIFA).

Surprising scenes occurred in the clash: In the tenth minute, the police appeared on the field and the meeting had to be interrupted: this was due to the fact that four Premier League players from the Argentine team (Emiliano Martinez, Emmy Buendia, Cristian Romero and Giovanni Lo Celso) were wanted for, he could not be entered in The field due to the 14-day isolation rule.

Three of the four footballers were eventually present at Argentina’s start – because this would not have happened under the provisions, the police and some Brazilian health inspectors boycotted the match and Martinez, Buendia, Romero and Lo Celso were arrested. The two legions were sent to the locker room. Then finally, after 45 minutes of matchmaking, the match was stopped.

The unique story in itself is starting to get really interesting here. Brazil’s health agency Anvisa issued a statement saying that the four Argentine players entered the country illegally upon their arrival from Venezuela on Friday because they had not declared they had been in the UK for the past 14 days, in violation of Portaria – the entry previously entered into force. Because of concerns about the viral delta variant, I mentioned it in the Daily Mail.

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According to Portaria Regulation 655, anyone who has been in the UK, India or South Africa before entering Brazil must be quarantined for 14 days. Professional soccer players are no exception.

During the match break, Antonio Barra Torres, director of Anvisa, made a statement live on Brazil Globo TV, explaining that the Federal Police had gone to the Argentine team’s hotel on the morning of the match and had ordered four players from England not to attend. Matching, they should all be isolated instead.

However, the Argentine national team traveled to the New Coimica Stadium as planned and entered the stadium. Buendia wasn’t fit on the bench either, but the other footballers involved in the starting line were picked up by Fed captain Lionel Scaloni.

The Argentines, on the other hand, argue that they have been in Brazil for three days now, but have never visited the authorities or even intervened before the match, and did not cover the field until 9 minutes after the start of the whistle. Conspiracy theories also started in the Argentine press.

Lionel Messi, the Argentine class, made a brief statement to RMC Sport after what happened.

“Before the match, we were told we could play. We have been here for three days, waiting to play, why didn’t they call us sooner?”

The Golden Ball striker asked six times.

The official announcement came about 45 minutes after the first interruption in the suspension of World Cup qualifiers. The main question from now on will be whether or not to resume the meeting at a later time. If not, which band will get the three points? It is claimed that since the Brazilian government has ordered the match to be ended, Argentina will automatically win the victory, but Brazil will certainly not accept that, so what will happen will certainly be a continuation.

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Following the official suspension of the match, the CONMEBOL issued a notice stating that the referee and the match commissioner will report to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

He added that the World Cup qualifiers is the responsibility of FIFA, so the next step will be on the shoulders of FIFA.

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