Poland has halted the evacuation of Kabul because it poses a very high security risk

Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Przydać announced that Poland has decided to end the evacuations from Kabul because it poses a very high security risk. After President Biden announced that the August 31 deadline would be met, the Polish government consulted with its American and British allies, and later decided to do so.

Most of the Polish expedition returned home to Wroclaw on 30 June.


“After a lengthy analysis of security reports, we came to the conclusion that we can no longer risk the lives of Polish diplomats and soldiers,” said Przydać. He claimed that the main objectives of the Polish evacuation mission had been achieved, namely the evacuation of all Polish citizens, all former Afghan employees of the Polish embassy and the Polish military unit who managed to reach Kabul airport. Hundreds of people fled Afghanistan in 12 flights.

There are only a few Polish troops left in Kabul who are dismantling the former military base. Two Polish planes are still on the way, one waiting to take off in Uzbekistan, and the other already on its way to Warsaw. (Reuters, MTI)

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