Poland gave Russia a big blow

The proposal comes from the Polish committee dealing with the standardization of geographical names, which was the former Polish name for Königsberg. In addition, the board also suggested that henceforth, the Moscow exclave should be called Obwód Królewiecki. The proposal was partly a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to Russia, the decision amounts to insanity and hostile action.

We know that throughout history Poland has from time to time descended into a frenzy of hatred towards the Russians

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

The BBC states that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kaliningrad became part of Russia as an exclave located between Poland and Lithuania. From a strategic point of view, this is very important for Moscow, as it is home to the Baltiysk port of the Russian Baltic Fleet, the only European ice-free port in the country.

Although the State Commission’s recommendation is not binding, it is expected that Polish state bodies will henceforth refer to Kaliningrad as Królewiec. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs evaluated the name change positively.

It is known that Poland began to strengthen its borders with the enclave after Russia invaded Ukraine. The Polish army erected a temporary 2.5-meter-high barbed wire fence and last month began installing cameras and motion sensors along the 232-kilometre border. Anti-tank barriers have also been placed at border crossings.

Kaliningra on the cover photoThe cathedrals de Saint Marie and Saint Adalbert can be seen. Source: Getty Images

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