Poland beat Saudi Arabia, and Robert Lewandowski scored his first World Cup goal

Football World Cup Poland Saudi Arabia Qatar 2022

2022-11-26 16:17:00

And he decided the fate of the three points by taking advantage of a fatal defensive error in the first half.

The Polish national team defeated the Saudi national team, 2-0, in Group C of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, on Saturday, in the match of the second round of the group stage.

The Saudis, who defeated the Argentines in the first round, started well, in the 13th minute Chesney needed a feat to save his goal. For a long time, the Poles could not find a hole in the defense of the organized and brave Asians, but since the momentum of the Saudis also waned, the second half of the game was filled with field play. After that, the European national team, after a goal kick, reached the Saudis’ goal with two assists and, thanks to Zelensky, turned their first chance into a goal – somewhat unexpectedly – they got an advantage.

The Saudis could have equalized immediately with a penalty kick after Bilik’s foul, but Al Defsari’s set shot on the right was saved by Chesney, and Al Barajek’s repetition brilliantly shot over the goal.

After the turn, the Asian team mobilized great forces in order to equalize, making it difficult for the Poles to get the ball out with a full attack, but their chances to score were often missed. On the other hand, Milik hit the top of the post with his head, and Lewandowski hit the left post with his knee. Although the Saudis also had chances to score, Lewandowski, who scored his first goal in the World Cup, decided the fate of the three points. By taking advantage of a fatal defensive error.

Group C second round:

Poland – Saudi Arabia 2-0 (1-0)

Concussion University City Stadium 44,259 spectators. Referee: Wilton Sampaio (Brazil)

Poland: Szczesny – Bereszynszki, Glik, Kiwior – Cash, Zielinski, Krychowiak, Bielik, Frankowski – Milik, Lewandowski

Saudi Arabia: Al-Owais – Abdul-Hamid, Al-Amiri, Al-Bulayhi, Al-Buraik – Al-Buraikan, Al-Najji (Al-Abd 46), Al-Maliki, Kano, Al-Dafsari, Al-Sahari.

Goals: Zielinski (39), Lewandowski (82).

Yellow card: Keewor (15), Cash (16), Milik (19), Al-Maliki (20), Al-Amri (45).

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