Pokrivtsák Mónika

Pokrivtsák Mónika started a new life abroad

Surely many still remember Come to Monica, the former broadcaster of RTL Klopp, who turned his back on screen and Hungary for 12 years. Since then, not much has been heard of him, but The world of baleiki I signed up from Florida as a guest on the YouTube channel.

working as a flight attendantBut if she didn’t want to, she wouldn’t have to take a job because her husband was wealthy enough to do so. But Monica Pokrivetsak says she won’t be able to do so, even though she has had ankle surgery seven times in the past two and a half years due to a delayed ankle and a muscle tear.

Although I can do it for my husband, it is important for me to add something as well. Although it’s not much, I can’t add as much as he does, but the fact that I contribute to my shopping is that our health insurance, which is largely here, is a part of me.

he betrayed Pokrivetsak MonicaWho can earn 2500-3000 dollars, or 800-960 thousand forints per month, is a good flight attendant salary in America.

Her husband also had a role in turning his back on television because he hated that world. However, the former presenter appeared on one of the Florida TV channels, but did not like the atmosphere, so he quit. However, he misses watching TV because he feels he can’t show what he can do.


(Featured image: YouTube / World of Palikék by Manna)

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