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Pointer – Meanwhile – in Leonardo DiCaprio's most exciting movie, the joke is already filmed in the first minutes

Pointer – Meanwhile – in Leonardo DiCaprio's most exciting movie, the joke is already filmed in the first minutes

Martin Scorsese Storm Island His self-titled work is considered one of the Italian director's most twisted cinemas, although it throws out key signals to viewers from the start. LADbible He just described one of the director's most telling moves, which could have easily killed the joke at the beginning of the film.

In the 2010 thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo, we follow Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio), an American police judge, and his partner, who arrive at a high-security facility in search of a missing patient. On this isolated island off the coast of Massachusetts, the mental institution houses the most dangerous criminals with mental illness in the United States. Although the story of the film does not seem very original, the events are increasingly engaging and are given a surprising development thanks to Scorsese.

Although we get hints of the U.S. Marshal's past in the form of fragments of memories, we only eventually learn that he himself is actually a patient; someone who was sent there after killing his wife following a terrible event. As it turns out, the entire missing patient case is just a delusion Teddy concocted to help him process the trauma of losing his family. In a last-ditch effort to help his patient remember who he really is, his doctor decides to enter into the detective's delusions with the entire staff to see if it will help him accept reality.

Interestingly, director Martin Scorsese drops an important hint early in the film, from which we can conclude that something is wrong with the police judge. As we progress through the plot, we begin to realize a few things: for example, the “missing” Andrew Laeddis is an anagram of Edward Daniels, Teddy’s name. However, the most obvious sign was that

Well, you guessed right, because this is because the patients being treated on the island were not allowed to carry any dangerous items with them, including lighters of course. This recurring element was very cleverly designed to be unimportant, but very revealing.

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